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Nov 2008 - TBA members building the mainstreet Garlands 

TBA GARDEN “LILY” AWARD 2011   June 2011
The TBA proudly announces the winners of Thamesford's second annual “Lily” award. During the month of June three members of the Thamesford Business Association drove around the village to select three homes that had a beautiful drive-by appearance (curb appeal) based on flowers, gardens, lawns, ornamentation, etc. Once again, it was a very difficult
decision and it took us a while to narrow our choices down. The overall winners of the TBA's Lily award for 2011 are:
Karen Newman, Trevor and Stacie Mustard, Dennis and Beverly Haggerty
Congratulations to all three winners, you have been presented with your ornamental iron “Lily” and we hope you display this proudly in your gardens.

Spring flower planting and weedingJune 2011
Thanks go out to Beth O’Bright, Mary Ann Binning, Diana Clark, Wendy Lake, Nancy Turner and Darrell Dobbie for getting the bridge flower boxes
and planters done the first week of June. An even bigger thanks to Nancy & Wendy who had the small island already weeded and also weeded the
entrance signs coming into town. Let's hope the weather is good so they will grow quickly.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - Don’t you agree?March 2011
Enough of the snowplows and sanding, enough of scarves and mitts and enough of the colds and flu everyone seems susceptible to. Although winter can be a beautiful fairy wonderland & the kids love tobogganing, skiing & making snowmen, we are looking forward to the warm sunlight of spring and summer. Now is the time to cuddle up with your gardening books & design all your new beds. 
Don’t forget the Thamesford Business Association will be holding their 2nd annual “Lily Award” to be presented to the homeowners with the most beautiful drive-by appeal. Our first- time winners were Jack & Julia BroadfootReg & Sharon Warner and Bill & Shelley Gordon - they are all very proud of their garden lilies. We look forward to making this year's tour sometime near the end of June

Fri Dec 17, 2010 was the evening that Gerard Hamoen & myself had the pleasure of judging the beautiful Christmas lights & decorations of our
Village & area for the annual Thamesford Business Association Festival of Lights competition!
As we drove up & down the many streets we felt truly proud of our small town, with its beautiful lights on Dundas Street, at the Library & the
greenery adorning the bridge boxes. The pretty Christmas tree in the centre of town stood proudly in Houston square! Passersby must think that
Thamesford is an inviting Village to visit & a wonderful place to live!
Thamesford residents who are known for their well kept lawns & beautiful flowers in warmer weather, had decorated their homes beautifully with
Christmas lights & decorations! Once again it was a tough competition as we toured Thamesford’s streets in search of the “best of the best”. Everyone’s hard work made the decision difficult.
Janice & Harvey Walters, 49 Miler Rd, have a display every year that takes your breath away! Kathy & Bill Scott, 177 Washington St, have a display that stops cars & keeps getting bigger & better each year as well! The small token of appreciation for their efforts from the Thamesford Business Association of $50 would not go very far to assist them with their new purchases annually or their hydro bill! Both the Walters & the Scotts invited us into their homes to see their equally wonderful indoor displays! Every room in Bill & Kathy Scott’s home was full of Christmas Villages &
decorations which they created with their son Fred’s assistance. The time it must take them to put their displays up & take them down must be truly a labour of love! Janice Walters artistic talent & floral arranging skills makes me wonder why she does not have her own Floral/Gift shop, as I would be her best customer! George & Effie Gerantonis, 225 Boyd Blvd, was another repeat winner who had an amazing, tastefully done display once again. Effie told us that George keeps improving their display as well, as they have been proudly a past winner, several times over! Once again when we rounded the corner to Boyd Blvd we couldn’t help but say “WOW”!
Other winners this year that had amazing displays were Karen & Allen Payne, with their tastefully decorated home with beautiful white lights on
every tree & bush & balcony! Anyone driving in or out of Thamesford would be wowed by their beautiful display that again must take hours to put
up, & we have been admiring every year! What a great impression for passersbys of the care & creativity that these long time residents take with
their home, gracing the entrance route to Thamesford!
Jean & Al Hebden, 226 Washington St, had their home decorated beautifully with lights, & potted plants & a Christmas tree with presents under it on their front porch! Their beautiful Christmas tree inside their front window was also lit up & added to the impact it made on us as we drove down
Washington St. Jean’s artistic talents were evident in their beautiful Christmas display that looked like it belonged on a Christmas card!
Boris Nosko, 62 Finlayson Dr, truly had a display that made us smile! Lights were strung across his doorway, bushes & trees in front of his home. The thing that impressed us most was the massive igloo he created on his front lawn with a Canadian Flag on top & windows with lights inside, reflecting the white snow & making a magical display that would draw children’s & adult’s attention! Boris said he created it so that the neighbourhood kids could play in it. This is amazing since his own children are grown up & his infant Grandson who I am sure would love it too, is almost too young to truly enjoy it yet! I know that the igloo is a wonderful tradition that Boris has kept going since the years his own children were young as my daughter  Andrea enjoyed playing in it with Nicole & Kyle for hours on end, many years ago. New & improved with Christmas lights I think it would be irresistible to any child who came upon it! Keep up the tradition Boris, as it was the truly a fun display!
Six winners in all won $50 each, & the honour of bragging rights! We thank everyone for taking pride in their homes and our Village!
I am sure there are many more homes that should be noted & recognized, however if lights were not on, or people were away we may have overlooked someone that will be on the winners list next year!
Diana Clark-RBC Royal Bank, Gerard Hamoen-Just for you Bed & Breakfast, & the Thamesford Business Association Members

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is our Raffle Basket - your Christmas shopping could be complete by winning this basket. The basket will be on display at Royal Bank until the drawing of the winner (date to be announced). Tickets can be purchased at RBC, JC Graphics, Thamesford Accounting & Fiancial Services, Hi Lights Hair Salon, Oxford Mutual Insurance and various other businesses. Check out this fabulous basket of goodies and get your tickets in the draw! If you have an interest in beautifying the village or want to be a part of events happening in our town, come out & share your enthusiasm with the Thamesford Business Association. 
Call Linda 519-285-3249 for information..
The draw was made at the RBC.  Last year's winner was LIZ McKINNON of Springfield.  

It was tough competition once again this year, as we toured the streets of Thamesford in search of the "best of the best" in our annual "TBA Festival of Lights" competition! Thanks to everyone's hard work, it was difficult to make a decision, however some displays were truly outstanding! The following people & their residences/businesses share a prize of $50 each (as well as bragging rights!). This is a small token of the Thamesford Business Associations appreciation for people taking pride in their homes & businesses by contributing to the spirit of the season & the beautification of our Village! The following are
our lucky winners!

Janice & Harvey Walters, 49 Minler Rd.
Kathy & Bill Scott, 177 Washington Street
George & Effie Gerantonis, 235 Boyd Blvd.
Fred & Joanne Lewis, 204 Allen St. (RR#2)
Jim & his son Josh Verhallen, 168 Boyd Blvd.
Todd & Marc La Fleur, owners of Silver City Auto, 125 Dundas Street.

Three of the winners this year, Janice & Harvey Walters, Bill & Kathy Scott and George & Effie Gerantonis are repeat winners this year and we must say every year their displays get better & better! Our newest business in town - Silver City Auto, has done a wonderful job taking pride in the appearance of their business with many new improvements at their location on Dundas Street, adding many festive lights and a lit Santa on a motorcycle to its rooftop, which is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face! This year the entire Village was decorated beautifully on every street! After touring our beautiful Village and surrounding area we came home feeling very much in the Christmas spirit! (and a little envious of the many brightly lit homes that have outdone themselves once again this year!) Anyone driving into Thamesford, will be welcomed by our new Christmas lights which beautifully light up Dundas Street, as well as the bridge boxes & flower boxes decorated beautifully with greenery and a lit Christmas tree. Many thanks to all our new Thamesford Business Association "Community
Members" who have joined the Thamesford Business Association in its many projects and have put in countless hours to help improve and beautify our Village. They are truly artistic and creative as well! Thamesford truly looks great and is a wonderful, merry, bright place to live! Diana Clark-RBC Royal Bank & Gerard Hamoen-Just for You Bed & Breakfast-Thamesford Business Assoc.

Work started on the new garden at Dundas and George
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